Bzisoft is a leading technology company with experienced and highly skilled IT professionals. We have successfully implemented numerous projects in Vietnam and abroad. We focus on providing the following services:

  • Implement digital transformation systems and projects.
  • Implement asset management and maintenance solutions.
  • Implement SAP digital transformation solutions based on the requirements and characteristics of each business in multiple industries.
  • Implement a comprehensive and optimal suite of Microsoft solutions for enterprise information and data system management.
  • Implement Camunda solutions to help businesses manage and optimize their processes

Implement Services at Bzisoft

Bzisoft Solution

Bzisoft solution is a platform that supports businesses in comprehensive operation and management in the digital environment, applications that solve most business management problems, and at the same time allow for development. Independent applications suitable for businesses’ business needs, creating a complete digital transformation ecosystem with many features and suitable for most types of businesses.


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IBM Maximo

Maintenance and Asset Management Solution (IBM Maximo) is an integrated database and productivity tool that helps businesses manage their assets on a centralized software platform.

  • Provide solutions to your organization’s unique needs, minimizing risk and costs.
  • Provides visibility and control across the enterprise to manage assets, schedules, resources, processes, inventory, and costs.
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SAP Solution

SAP (System Application Programming) is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. SAP solutions are researched and developed to meet most of the needs of businesses.

Bzisoft, with many years of experience in implementing SAP solutions in Vietnam, will be a reliable partner to accompany businesses on the journey of digital transformation.


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Microsoft Solution

Microsoft Suite comes with a comprehensive list of tools to help you and your business be more productive than ever.

Microsoft solutions make it easier for businesses to use the software they need, plan for the future, manage business assets, communicate with their team and customers, and present new ideas.


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Camunda Solution

Camunda is a complete process automation technology platform with powerful execution engines for BPMN diagrams coupled with essential applications for modeling, operating, and analyzing.

With Camunda, businesses can design, automate, manage, and improve virtually unlimited end-to-end business processes


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Project Implementation Services

  • Implement digital transformation systems and projects.
  • Implement IBM Maximo asset management and maintenance solutions.
  • Implement SAP software solutions.
  • Implement Microsoft solutions.
  • Implement Camunda solution.

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