IBM Maximo is a comprehensive solution suite integrated into a centralized platform, that provides remote asset monitoring, maintenance management, and reliability assurance applications

IBM Maximo supports all asset types and can be configured to meet the specific management requirements of each organization.

IBM Maximo provides industry best practice solutions and extensions to address the unique needs of organizations, reduce risk and costs, and provide unprecedented visibility and control across the enterprise for managing assets, schedules, resources, processes, inventory, and costs.

IBM Maximo EAM

IBM Maximo EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) – a lifecycle management solution for all physical assets in an organization/business.

Maximo EAM uses a powerful, flexible system integration platform, supporting users to define their performance measurement criteria (KPIs) and analysis reports. The solution supports all product categories and related services/tasks on a single system, increasing asset performance and reliability.

Besides 8 main functions, Maximo EAM also provides several extension features useful for most departments/departments of the business.

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IBM Maximo MVI

IIBM Maximo MVI (Maximo Mobile & Visual Inspection) is a next-generation mobile application that uses computer vision algorithms to analyze images and videos captured with a camera or mobile device. 

IBM Maximo MVI can identify defects or anomalies in real-time, enabling rapid response and leveraging image analysis data to recommend necessary actions.

The solution allows organizations to leverage AI and machine learning technologies to automate asset and equipment inspections.


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IBM Maximo solution implementation process


 Step 1 

Project preparation

 Step 2 

Prepare Solution design documents

 Step 3 

System development

 Step 4 

Golive preparation in advance

 Step 5 

Operations and support

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