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Nowadays, users can access and perform almost anything, from entertainment to work and communication on mobile devices. Designing mobile applications and designing interfaces for software on mobile has become a new trend in the 4.0 digital technology era.

Aware of the context and potential mobile apps can bring, all businesses have been actively building strategies and investing in mobile application development.

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Bzisoft is proud to be a professional and reputable Mobile APP design company. We are always at the forefront of applying new, advanced and modern technologies into practice to serve the requirements of businesses.

Bzisoft provides Mobile Apps, design services, Mobile App development, and software development to help businesses elevate their brands, boost sales, and step-by-step support businesses in comprehensive digital transformation.


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Benefits of Mobile App

Increase the efficiency of the media

Bzisoft’s professional App design service is an effective solution to help businesses save information, communication, and advertising costs. 

Reach thousands of customers easily, quickly and effectively with just one notification on the Mobile App.

Easy access client

The trend of digital technology 4.0, mobile applications Mobile App is increasingly growing and popular, which is preferred by the majority of customers.

Use Bzisoft’s professional app design service to create enterprise digital products that bring high business efficiency. Simultaneously, it helps businesses reach and manage thousands of potential customers on a simple mobile application.

Brand coverage enterprise

Mobile App development is a strategy to help businesses quickly increase brand awareness and reach target customers effectively.

System optimization procedure

The customer care process is built and optimized by Bzisoft on the Mobile App. All customer requirements are quickly connected to the business, increasing the user experience with superior functions, and contributing to increased revenues.

Mobile App Design Process in Bzisoft



Receive customer’s app design requirements

  • Communicate with customers to understand the wishes and requirements of the app development project
  • Analyze and suggest technology following customer requirements


Sign the contract

  • Agree on the solution, the technology used in the project and the function list.
  • Estimating the cost and time of mobile app development.
  • Signing the project implementation contract


Design Wireframe

Preliminary drawing of the mobile app framework for customers to have an overview and development process of the product.



Design a detailed mobile app interface

Based on the agreed wireframe, the designer will design detailed screens for each function in the project.

Next, Bzisoft will send the detailed design to the customer to check if the mobile has fully met the requirement and evaluate whether the app needs a modification.



Accept API and process mobile logic

After finalizing the design interface, the programmer will receive the design and API from the server to program the logic for the mobile app.



Test mobile app

Check if the developed functions are running as required.

If the app fails to meet requirements, the development team will fix and finalize the app according to the signed contract



Handover the product

The two parties carry out the handover and acceptance of products, including:

  • Completion of acceptance and handover minutes
  • Handling over business documents, source code structure document.
  • Upload products to Google Play Store and Apple Store


Warranty – Maintenance 

Support warranty and product maintenance according to the signed contract

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Why choose Bzisoft?

Unique & creative design

  • Great Mobile App Experience
  • Modern design and updated user trends
  • Enhance the UX/UI experience on any mobile device

Professional Mobile App Ecosystem

  • The service meets 100% of the needs of all businesses and industries
  • Multi-platform, professional & methodical

Safe system, high data security

  • Absolute data security
  • Automatic backup regular backup
  • The best security system

A team of experienced Mobile App design experts

  • Bzisoft’s team of experts and programmers are all highly qualified people with many years of practical experience.
  • Annual formal training every year
  • Support service, handle incident requests promptly and quickly

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