What is IT Outsourcing?

IT Outsource service, also known as IT Outsourcing service, is a service to hire external IT personnel to take on the task of managing, operating, and troubleshooting IT services at the enterprise. Currently, IT Outsourcing services have become a comprehensive solution to help businesses solve IT system problems effectively.

Why should you choose IT Outsourcing service?

  • Save money
  • Ensure technological expertise
  • Shorten the time to develop enterprise software systems
  • Ensure quality and efficiency
  • Catch up with technology trends

Bzisoft provides high-quality IT human resources at all levels to meet the needs of customers, improve operational efficiency, and save costs and time.




Business Analyst


Solution Architect


Project Manager




A team of highly qualified graduates from top universities in Vietnam


Experts and engineers with fluent English proficiency in their field


A team of experts and engineers have passed professional certifications required by IBM and Microsoft


IBM and Microsoft Professional Technical Certifications


IT Outsourcing Service of Bzisoft

Outsourcing service
  • Bzisoft’s team only undertakes one or several stages at the request of the client instead of taking charge of the entire process of designing and programming software on demand.

  • Bzisoft will fully coordinate with your requirements to produce the most effective and quality products.

  • The software IT Outsourcing service package is a useful solution for clients at peak times when you need to reduce the workload for your employees to focus on more important and urgent tasks.

Design Landing Page, Website, Portal
  • Bzisoft IT Outsourcing service will help you solve website-related problems on schedule, and achieve the desired performance and operational efficiency.
  • With nearly 20 years of experience in Software Outsourcing, Bzisoft team has enough knowledge, capacity, and practical experience to create products that satisfy our clients.
Build software systems for businesses
  • Consulting on system solutions suitable to the scale and strategy of the business.
  • Build software systems according to requirements and prioritize functions to facilitate operation and use.
  • Methodical guidance and transfer, ensuring customers operate profitably on their own.
  • Support maintenance, troubleshooting, and updating new technology.

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IT Outsourcing Services

  • Cost saving
  • Quality-assured
  • Trend-setting

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