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Bzisoft’s solutions leverage digital technology with breakthrough management solutions and many superior features to support businesses in changing their operation methods and taking advantage of all benefits of digital transformation to help businesses improve their production and efficiency, and solve all management and suitable sustainable development problems.

  • Optimize customer experience, helping them to access more easily synchronized experiences.
  • Optimize processes, and help business activities be more quickly, and smoothly while saving time and costs.
  • Maintain technological advancement, create a flexible infrastructure for businesses to continuously innovate, adapt to market fluctuations, and increase customer needs.
  • Enhance employee experience, encourage long-term commitment, and improve the effectiveness in the workplace.


A shared software solution that integrates all the applications needed to manage the business, which is built as an internal social network of the enterprise, is a channel for interaction, transmitting information quickly, timely, and professionally.

Work Management

The solution is designed to allow businesses to manage work on a centralized platform, helping managers track all work from the overview to the details of each individual and department to optimize work processing time and increase efficiency and work performance.

Human Capital Management

An integrated solution of reporting and real-time data collection tools helps businesses easily manage the entire workforce tightly and scientifically while optimizing deployment resources, and increasing labor productivity.

Manufacturing Management

The solution is closely linked to the factories and workshop area in an enterprise. It directly participates in the planning and monitoring of the production process to ensure goods are delivered on time, meet the required quantity, and meet the quality standards of the plan.

Accounting Management

The solution automates all financial and accounting operations on the 4.0 platform, supporting businesses in processing and managing financial and accounting operations quickly and efficiently with automation technology on a digital platform. It helps enterprises to save costs, optimize resources, and replace traditional management methods.

Procurement Management

Close-loop conversion solution for the process such as from purchase requisition to bid management, etc., and supplier selection. This solution allows the management of procurement to become efficient, fair, and transparent, and at the same time helps to save time, effort, and finance for the enterprise.

Customer Relationship Management

A solution that supports businesses in managing customers, optimizing customer care processes, and increasing experiences. It focuses on helping businesses interact with customers in the best way and build customer loyalty.

Maintenance Management

Solution helps businesses easily track and manage the maintenance and repair status of the equipment, and assets by category of machine, equipment, and area, supporting businesses control the quality of services of the maintenance department.

Planning and Consolidation

Solution helps businesses create, implement, and monitor the implementation of their business goals and strategies. It is a powerful tool to improve the efficiency, performance, and competitiveness of enterprises.

Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) Management

A comprehensive management solution includes processes, policies, and procedures designed to reduce risks and ensure a safe and healthy working environment. The solution plays an important role in ensuring the safety of employees during work and protecting the environment from harmful industrial activities.

Intelligent Report Management

Business Report Management Solution uses digitalized data to provide pre-built and custom management reports.

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A comprehensive digital transformation solution that empowers businesses to operate and manage effectively in the digital age. With a wide range of features, our solution is suitable for multiple types of businesses and can support enterprises achieve their digital transformation goals.

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